Installed at

The application runs in an Ubuntu 20.04 unprivileged LXC container. Under Options, enable the Nesting feature for Docker to work.

Setup #

The setup is based on their Docker instructions.

wget -qO- | sh

mkdir /root/privatebin
# Copy from below.
nano /root/privatebin/conf.php

docker run -d --restart="always" --read-only -p 8080:8080 -v /root/privatebin/conf.php:/srv/cfg/conf.php:ro -v /root/privatebin/privatebin-data:/srv/data privatebin/nginx-fpm-alpine:latest

# See:
chown -R nobody:82 /root/privatebinprivatebin-data
chmod -R g+rwx privatebin-data

conf.php #

;<?php http_response_code(403); /*
; config file for PrivateBin
; An explanation of each setting can be find online at

; (optional) set a project name to be displayed on the website
name = ""

; The full URL, with the domain name and directories that point to the PrivateBin files
; This URL is essential to allow Opengraph images to be displayed on social networks
basepath = ""

; enable or disable the discussion feature, defaults to true
discussion = true

; preselect the discussion feature, defaults to false
opendiscussion = false

; enable or disable the password feature, defaults to true
password = true

; enable or disable the file upload feature, defaults to false
fileupload = false

; preselect the burn-after-reading feature, defaults to false
burnafterreadingselected = false

; which display mode to preselect by default, defaults to "plaintext"
; make sure the value exists in [formatter_options]
defaultformatter = "plaintext"

; (optional) set a syntax highlighting theme, as found in css/prettify/
syntaxhighlightingtheme = "sons-of-obsidian"

; size limit per paste or comment in bytes, defaults to 10 Mebibytes
sizelimit = 10485760

; template to include, default is "bootstrap" (tpl/bootstrap.php)
template = "bootstrap-dark"

; (optional) info text to display
; use single, instead of double quotes for HTML attributes
;info = "More information on the <a href=''>project page</a>."

; (optional) notice to display
; notice = "Note: This is a test service: Data may be deleted anytime. Kittens will die if you abuse this service."

; by default PrivateBin will guess the visitors language based on the browsers
; settings. Optionally you can enable the language selection menu, which uses
; a session cookie to store the choice until the browser is closed.
languageselection = true

; set the language your installs defaults to, defaults to English
; if this is set and language selection is disabled, this will be the only language
; languagedefault = "en"

; (optional) URL shortener address to offer after a new paste is created
; it is suggested to only use this with self-hosted shorteners as this will leak
; the pastes encryption key
; urlshortener = ""

; (optional) Let users create a QR code for sharing the paste URL with one click.
; It works both when a new paste is created and when you view a paste.
qrcode = true

; (optional) IP based icons are a weak mechanism to detect if a comment was from
; a different user when the same username was used in a comment. It might be
; used to get the IP of a non anonymous comment poster if the server salt is
; leaked and a SHA256 HMAC rainbow table is generated for all (relevant) IPs.
; Can be set to one these values: "none" / "vizhash" / "identicon" (default).
; icon = "none"

; Content Security Policy headers allow a website to restrict what sources are
; allowed to be accessed in its context. You need to change this if you added
; custom scripts from third-party domains to your templates, e.g. tracking
; scripts or run your site behind certain DDoS-protection services.
; Check the documentation at
; Notes:
; - If you use a bootstrap theme, you can remove the allow-popups from the
;   sandbox restrictions.
; - By default this disallows to load images from third-party servers, e.g. when
;   they are embedded in pastes. If you wish to allow that, you can adjust the
;   policy here. See
;   for details.
; - The 'unsafe-eval' is used in two cases; to check if the browser supports
;   async functions and display an error if not and for Chrome to enable
;   webassembly support (used for zlib compression). You can remove it if Chrome
;   doesn't need to be supported and old browsers don't need to be warned.
; cspheader = "default-src 'none'; base-uri 'self'; form-action 'none'; manifest-src 'self'; connect-src * blob:; script-src 'self' 'unsafe-eval' resource:; style-src 'self'; font-src 'self'; img-src 'self' data: blob:; media-src blob:; object-src blob:; sandbox allow-same-origin allow-scripts allow-forms allow-popups allow-modals allow-downloads"

; stay compatible with PrivateBin Alpha 0.19, less secure
; if enabled will use base64.js version 1.7 instead of 2.1.9 and sha1 instead of
; sha256 in HMAC for the deletion token
; zerobincompatibility = false

; Enable or disable the warning message when the site is served over an insecure
; connection (insecure HTTP instead of HTTPS), defaults to true.
; Secure transport methods like Tor and I2P domains are automatically whitelisted.
; It is **strongly discouraged** to disable this.
; See for more information.
; httpwarning = true

; Pick compression algorithm or disable it. Only applies to pastes/comments
; created after changing the setting.
; Can be set to one these values: "none" / "zlib" (default).
; compression = "zlib"

; expire value that is selected per default
; make sure the value exists in [expire_options]
default = "1week"

; Set each one of these to the number of seconds in the expiration period,
; or 0 if it should never expire
5min = 300
10min = 600
1hour = 3600
1day = 86400
1week = 604800
; Well this is not *exactly* one month, it's 30 days:
1month = 2592000
6month = 15552000
;1year = 31536000
;never = 0

; Set available formatters, their order and their labels
plaintext = "Plain Text"
syntaxhighlighting = "Source Code"
markdown = "Markdown"

; time limit between calls from the same IP address in seconds
; Set this to 0 to disable rate limiting.
limit = 10

; Set ips (v4|v6) which should be exempted for the rate-limit. CIDR also supported. Needed to be comma separated.
; Unset for enabling and invalid values will be ignored
; eg: exemptedIp = ',10.10.10/24'

; (optional) if your website runs behind a reverse proxy or load balancer,
; set the HTTP header containing the visitors IP address, i.e. X_FORWARDED_FOR
; header = "X_FORWARDED_FOR"

; minimum time limit between two purgings of expired pastes, it is only
; triggered when pastes are created
; Set this to 0 to run a purge every time a paste is created.
limit = 300

; maximum amount of expired pastes to delete in one purge
; Set this to 0 to disable purging. Set it higher, if you are running a large
; site
batchsize = 10

; name of data model class to load and directory for storage
; the default model "Filesystem" stores everything in the filesystem
class = Filesystem
dir = PATH "data"

; example of a Google Cloud Storage configuration
;class = GoogleCloudStorage
;bucket = "my-private-bin"
;prefix = "pastes"

; example of DB configuration for MySQL
;class = Database
;dsn = "mysql:host=localhost;dbname=privatebin;charset=UTF8"
;tbl = "privatebin_"    ; table prefix
;usr = "privatebin"
;pwd = "Z3r0P4ss"
;opt[12] = true   ; PDO::ATTR_PERSISTENT

; example of DB configuration for SQLite
;class = Database
;dsn = "sqlite:" PATH "data/db.sq3"
;usr = null
;pwd = null
;opt[12] = true ; PDO::ATTR_PERSISTENT

Updates #