Restoring lost session #

If the open windows and tabs are lost after a restart of Firefox, it’s still likely possible to recover them. Follow these steps in order (1):

  1. Make a backup of the sessionstore-backups folder in your Firefox profile (by default ~/.mozilla/firefox/<profile_name>/sessionstore-backups on Linux), just in case. Do this before anything else, especially before restarting Firefox as it might otherwise get overridden.
  2. In the History menu, try Restore Previous Session, Recently Closed Windows, and Recently Closed Tabs.
  3. If that doesn’t work, use the Session History Scrounger. Try importing all files from your sessionstore-backups backup and hope that one of them still contains the list of sites.
    After loading the file, click Scrounge URLs (or, if that fails, Unstructured URL list) and use Save List to make a backup of the list.
    If the site hangs, it’s a good idea to reload it after about half a minute, this tends to help. An explanation of what the backup files mean is given in 1.