Recovering arguments from the previous command #

Given a previous command of echo a b c d, here’s how to recover the arguments in a new command: (1)

  • !$ will expand to the last argument: d
  • !* will expand to all arguments: a b c d (it is shorthand for !:*)
  • !:1 will expand to the first argument: a (can also be written as !^)
  • !:1-3 will expand to the first to third argument: a b c (you can also use $ and ^ here)
  • $:0 will expand to the command: echo

Note: This also works in bash.

Auto-completions #

ZSH looks for completion files in the $fpath which can be set like this: fpath=(~/.zsh/completions $fpath)

After adding new completions, you may have to force-rebuild zcompdump: rm -f ~/.zcompdump; compinit (1)

Resources #